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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Rules and regs

So I guess I need to make some rules for myself regarding this blog, because I'm getting very bored staring at my one entry.

Rule no. 1: I must update (I will, I really will) at least once a week.

Rule no.2: I will make better use of my digital camera.

Rule no. 3: I will cut out diet soda (okay, not really a blog-oriented rule, but I felt on a role with these resolutions...).

In keeping with rule no. 2, let me say that I'm just exiting a knitting drought. I've had plenty on my needles, but I've been discouraged by (a) how long it's taking to knit a man's size large top down sweater and (b) my first rejection from knitty.

Oh well. If at first you don't succeed, keep bugging the editors and start a new project. Like this mohair cardi using Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Kid Mohair in cello. It's my variation on the angora surplice cardi in the Vogue Fall 2004 issue. I'm making it a wee bit longer and I'm adding a two inch rib to the bottom and the bottom of sleeves. I plan to close it with either a sweet yet-to-be-bought button or a brooch. I've yet to decide how to edge the left and right edges. Hmmmm.

Pictures to come.


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