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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Squared Away

Here's my first square for Lizard Ridge. See, I really am knitting in the New Year. In fact, if you could see my kitchen table right now, you'd see the halfway-done sleeves of Jenna Wilson's Big Sack Sweater (to match the front and back already done) and the nearly finished front of a Banff (also a Jenna Wilson pattern; it's the year of the Jenna for me). And there's a two-thirds done clog for felting in my knitting bag. See? I'm only a slacker when it comes to posting. But I have excuses...

First, there's the Fiesta Bowl, which I covered. Go Broncos! I'm totally into football (and knitting while watching football) now.

And then there's this first-year writing class I'm teaching at BSU.

And then there's my part time gig teaching and working at the yarn store.

Okay. Now I'm too tired to go on.

I suppose I can make all sorts of resolutions about this blog, but, frankly, it's lower on the list than say, getting up at 4:30 a.m. every morning so I can go to work at the Statesman.

But for now, I'm still here, whether you want me or not. Posted by Picasa


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