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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

.....and after.

In the spirit of it being officially summer and all, this is another camping-themed post. We headed back up into the woods (this time about Idaho City in the great Boise National Forest) to recharge. There are two things I really, really love about camping. First, the Boler (our cute retro-y camp trailer), which means I can knit. Second, it's physically impossible to do yardwork or housework while camping. In fact, you have the choice of lounging around camp (knitting) or hiking to fantastic views/lakes/streams.

So what does all this have to do with this VK holiday 2004 project that's been loafing around the yarn room waiting to be felted?

I didn't knit on it last weekend (still working Pinwheel blankie, row by increasingly-long row).

But I did felt it in between the massive loads of post-camping laundry made necessary by the pervasive campfire smoke clinging to every stitch of clothing and bedding we took with us. It was our first fire of the season and it was worth it. (Although Dave did have hard time starting it. The man obviously missed out on his mother's firebug gene. When we camp with her, it takes about five minutes and she's got some gargantuan unsplit stump burning in the fire pit).


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