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Friday, June 03, 2005

Yep. It's a FO. The pattern: CO 19 stitches of Tahki cotton classic on size 11 needles. Knit 2 rows. Join a strand of Flutter (or any eyelash row) and knit a couple of rows. Revert to cotton and knit 4 rows, then two rows with Flutter. Repeat (That is 2 rows cotton, 2 rows flutter, 4 rows cotton, 2 rows flutter). This accomplishes a cute little pattern and allows one to get a complete scarf using a 100 yard skein of cotton yarn and a 75 yard skein of novelty yarn.

I hearby dub thee knee-deep-in-sweet-peas. Why? Because I love sweet peas and this, my summer scarf, is sweet like that.Posted by Hello


At 12:44 PM, Blogger dragonflyfilly said...

hey there,
i found your site because i am looking for a boler trailer; they are hard to find, eh? - three years ago when i visited a friend in Toronto i saw one for sale, but she would not drive around the block for me to get the phone number! Dam!...but never mind. the reason i am leaving you a comment is because i knitted a scarf very similar to this one of yours here- i did not use a pattern, i just made it up as i went along!, - so how kool to see one almost like mine! - my daughter and her friend are both "compulsive" knitters.

stop by my blog "Flamingo's Hideaway" if you feel like it.

cheers for now, from very hot Vancouver, BC


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