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Friday, May 20, 2005

An Elephant Beret

Little knitting news to report. Work continues on the pinwheel. It continues to look much the same. When I knit it in public, people get very, very confused. "Is that a hat?" they say. Even though it's far past the point of being a suitable hat for anything smaller than an elephant. Yeah. That's it. I'm knitting an elephant beret!

In other knitting news: I've spent the entire morning figuring out what yarn/needles/pattern to pack for a four day weekend to San Francisco (weeeeee! San Francisco!). I've settled on some nice blue merino for a Summer VK scarf project and some handspun wool/mohair/silk stuff from Northern Idaho for Branching Out.

It makes me nervous to have only two projects, though I know there's very little chance I will complete them both and come Sunday afternoon be forced to rip my clothing into shreds to knit with. I hate packing. Almost as much as I hate flying. And I'm flying standby, so I'm having difficulty gauging just how afraid I should be (it would be such a waste to expend all this fearful energy if I'm not going to get on the plane...).

Anyway: Here's to hoping I get on the plane, that it makes it to San Francisco and that I brought the right projects!


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