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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Here, I debut my new shrug in Burley, Idaho, a small farming community I’m convinced will one day be discovered as the center of the known universe (but that’s a different blog). In the car, I’ve got the Yarn Harlot’s “At Knit’s End,” and I’m working on my own knitting meditations. The first mystery to solve: What kind of knitter am I?

I am the kind of knitter who:

1. injures herself from knitting too much, then keeps on doing it until nothing short of four months of physical therapy will fix it.

2. sustains said injury six months into her knitting life.

3. is not a perfectionist. Speedy, yes. Mistake free, no. Willing to rip out a project to fix a mistake? Probably not. When the going got tough on my Charlotte’s Web, I threw it in a corner. (Luckily, I returned to the web a few months later and just bound off, giving myself a truncated, but nevertheless lovely, version of the project).

4. has a panic attack upon completion of a project if there’s not another one lined up to start. Even if there are six already-begun projects waiting patiently in my knitting room for a little attention.

5. is a knitting evangelist. I am on a personal mission to convert as many new knitters as is humanly possibly. Just ask my friends, husband, family, cat.

Stay tuned for more knitting (and personality) deconstruction.
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At 9:03 PM, Blogger Sara said...

I know Burley well enough to know where you ARE in Burley! Pretty shrug. I knit too, but I do it in San Francisco, now.


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