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Monday, August 08, 2005

It's been awhile since I blogged, but excuses have I. I've just returned from a two week journey through Idaho with my hubby, the Boler and Lucky. During our journey we saw many sights. Here's one of my favorites (hence the hugging). The tree being hugged is a 2000-year-old cedar tree in an ancient grove at the Idaho/Washington border just miles from Canada. Before we found the tree, we did a bit of the Lewis and Clark trail thing (including visiting the only known latrine sight on the trail) and camped at Priest Lake. We're happy to say we encountered no nutty Northern Idahoans (there've been a rash recently) and the knitting didn't get too dirty. Stay tuned for pictures of the Lucky sleeve I finished....and the pair of socks I knit during the car ride for the hubby (if I can pry them off his feet). All in all, a good, much needed, much knitted upon, vacation.

Non-knitting side note: We checked out "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell" by Susanna Clarke on CD from the library for the trip. At 26 discs, it's a doozy, but I highly recommend it. Just think of all the knitting that can be accomplished as you listen to this part Jane Austen/part Harry Potter tale filled with social satire and magic.
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