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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


So I'm putting off delving into the Rachael Ray for tonight's dinner, and what better way to do that then to talk about memememememe.

A coworker of mine recently quit his account in disgust with what he sees as everyone's boring, blatant self-promotion. "It's all vanity," he says.

Being a woman, I know a little about vanity and a lot about self-reflection, especially the type achieved after long hours in front of the mirror wondering if I could will my hair curly. That adolescent exercise was accompanied by my woeful practicing witty and clever responses to the cute young man I kept wishing I'd meet at the Roller Skating rink (hey, I grew up in Idaho Falls, Idaho). Combine these practices with the typical mother-daughter exchanges that start with the mother figure asking: "Are you really going to wear your hair out like that?" and I've got a strong helping of neurotic vanity.

(To read more about the mother-daughter thing, check out a linguist's perspective).

These days, instead of talking to the mirror, I talk to the nethersphere of blog land. And I'm not looking for a cute guy anymore (already found that) (oh, how sweet). Instead, I'm looking for approval, acknowledgement that maybe, buried somewhere deep, I might be sort of cool. Or maybe have cool ideas. Or at least have good taste in what yarn I buy and what patterns I choose to knit. Or what awesome bags I'd buy (if I weren't too cheap to buy a purse from anywhere but a thrift story).

With that preamble, here's an unsolicited meme. You didn't ask for it, but your getting is anyway:

Four jobs I've had:
Census taker

4 movies to watch over and over
High Fidelity
13 Going on 30
The Matrix
Pride and Prejudice

4 TV shows
Buffy (on DVD)
America's Next Top Model
Veronica Mars

4 places I've vacationed
New Orleans
Key West

4 website I visit daily

4 favorite foods
rice&peas&cheese (a combo I've been eating since college)
No. 911 sushi rolls (super spicy)

4 places I'd rather be
Treasure Garden (favorite thrift store)
a b&b in stowe, vermont
at the movies


At 5:51 PM, Blogger Brynne said...

I'm so with you on the wanting to be cool via my blog thing. Being a stay at home mom in Houston sort of makes you feel super boring, but the blogging community makes me feel like my knitting is worthwhile and sort of cool, too.


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