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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


In addition to my annual "this year I really will knit down the stash and not acquire pounds of new yar" resolution, I've also vowed to cook a little bit better. The cooking duties in our house fall to me on pretty much any night that I don't want to eat cereal. If the mister were left to his own devices, it would be Lucky Charms for dinner every night. I need a little more variety and, well, nutrition than that, so I've enlisted the help of Rachel Ray and her 365 30-minute meals cookbook. I'm plowing as straight through the book as I can stomach (omitting the burger recipes because I have been turning my nose up at burgers since I was three) since it's organized somewhat randomly.

So far, I give the taste and ease of the recipes a pretty high rating. But, Rachel, who are these people that can eat an entire serving of your food? And do they weigh 300 pounds? I squeezed six servings out of a curry dish and still felt like I ate too much. A recipe coming up (for turkey chili smothered turkey burgers, so I won't be making it anyway) calls for 2.5 pounds of meat. It serves four. Yikes! I'm afraid. Very, very afraid....


At 2:02 PM, Blogger Brynne said...

Yeah, she's not a portion control person. Hello, 4 ounces is a serving of meat! I also think that she's not a budget person most of the time. That said, I love watching the show and the concept is just so good.


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