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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Purl

Here I am as The Purl, the knitting hero fighting crime one stitch at a time. Before you wonder too hard about why I'm standing in my driveway wearing a swimming suit and tights, let me assure you: The picture was taken on Halloween. I'm just being fashionably late in posting it.

A few details about my costume: It's built around orange tights from Target that just happen to match some kneesocks I knit a couple of years ago. The slutty platform boots are from the closet; the knitting needles in my hair and in my hands are, of course, courtesy of my yarn room. I bought the mask and cape at The Treasure Garden (it's on Ustick in the shopping plaza that burned down, Boise folks)which is a super cool antique-y, second hand-y store with lots of cool hats and aprons (and capes!).

While my costume is pretty darn good, I lost the costume contest at work (don't worry; I wore a skirt over the swimming suit for most of the day) to my 44-year-old male coworker who wore red tights, teeny black shorts, a red, too-small turtleneck, his 4-year-olds Superman cape and the most incredibly funny Elvis hair/mask I've ever seen. I stand behind The Purl. But Super Elvis? He's unstoppable.
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At 7:26 PM, Blogger Brynne said...

That costume is absolutely incredible!

And thanks for leaving me a comment so that I got off my lazy butt and found that you were one of my many bloglines feeds that I got behind in reading. Now you're out of the "how am I ever going to read over 1000 posts" queue I'd built up and I'm glad to have you back in my "oh how nice one new post" section.


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