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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Better Intentions

I so intended to finally get a picture of my Halloween costume up, now that I've told everybody about it (not too mention that the trick-or-treat candy is getting stale). But my little brain can't figure out how to post. I knew once. Now that knowledge is gone. And I really, really want to get back to knitting this ribbon/eyelash yarn scarf for the holiday bazaar I'm having with my crafty friends (for Boise folks, the bazaar is Dec. 4, time and place details to come).

It's election night in the B-town. Mr. Knitter and I voted at pretty much the last minute. The bedraggled ladies at the voting booth sighed as they tried to understand our hard-to-pronounce last name before handing us our ballots and telling us that they'd had nearly double the voters that they usually do in city council-only elections. You go, Boise Bench electorate!

Another true, but disturbing election conversation:

Me (calling the Mister from the office after having worked too many hours): "Have you knitted yet?'

Mr. Knitter: "Why, no, I have not."

Me: "I mean voted. You know I mean voted."

Or did I?

Signing off for tonight, the second night in a row I've been disappointed by my mailman's failing to bring the two knitting books I ordered. Ah, well. Good night. Good luck. And get knitting.


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