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Monday, October 10, 2005

I, Slacker

I've guilted myself into posting tonight, even though I have little knitting news to report. It's Lucky's fault. That 62 inches of 1x1 rib is killing me, man. I pick it up (it's about 37 inches right now); I knit a few rows; I get antsy. And back it goes into its Ziploc bag for storage amongst the other knitting projects I've started but am not allowed to work on until I can do so wearing my finished yellow Lucky cardigan.

Do you feel my pain? If so, let me know...

On the bright side, this knitter's block is doing a great deal for my shopping life. I think I may have been to the mall a record four times in one week last week. Each time, I came home with something new, including five pair of shoes for Mr. Knitter. Yes, you heard that right. Five. Pair. Of black shoes. For $140. He's a deal shopper, my man, and such a girl sometimes (have I mentioned his treasured and lengthy bubble baths?), and I love it! He forbade me from mentioning the five-pair shopping spree, but I think my promise was negated when, less than a week later, he found his sixth pair ($10 Steve Madden black loafers at Famous Footwear). So, if you read this Mr. Knitter, I apologize.

At least I know I won't be sleeping in the doghouse tonight. It's full of black shoes.


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