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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Best Intentions

My progress on Lucky is a lot like my progress on this blog. Every day, I intend to complete the cardigan. Every day I intend to quit being to incredibly lazy, take the camera out of its bag and shoot the handwarmers and Sabrina Tam Hat I recently finished to give proof to the world that, yes, I really do knit and not just talk about it. But alas. You'll note there's no picture of any knitting here. And I'm certainly not wearing Lucky (although I am wearing kick ass cowboy boots and brown fishnet stockings).

I'm not sure where the time flies off to these days. I race through work, striving to put in no more than the eight hours a day I get paid for. Then when I get home, I'm good for little but staring at the television. Not that that's all bad. It did allow me to witness probably the best line ever on Survivor last week. You know, the one about novelty-size boobs. How do you knit for that?


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