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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

How Bazaar

For the past two years, me and my knitting buddy Judi (and a fab jewelry artist) throw a bash at Judi's house wherein we try to hawk the scarfs, hats, handwarmers and bags that have multiplied like rabbits from our needles all fall. The idea is to make a little yarn money and provide an opportunity for creativity. We both have only so many friends and family members who are willing to accept yet another scarf or hat from us (hand knit socks, of course, are another story).

But my bazaar knitting is as out of control as other aspects of my knitting (and yarn stashing) life. I printed out 70 tags and ran out before every scarf, flower pin and iPod cozy had it's own. That, my friends, is out of control.

There aren't enough people in Judi's neighborhood (let alone this whole town) in the market for such things. So I had to haul many bags home.

I was just reading in the Yarn Harlot's latest book about the difference between a process and a product knitter. I'm definitely the latter. The only scarfs I really wear are the two that Judi knit and I traded my own scarfs for.

It's clear the annual bazaar only partially answers my biggest knitting question: What do I do with all this stuff once it's cast off, blocked and shown off for a couple of days?

I guess everyone know what they'll be getting for Christmas. And New Years. And, what the heck, President's Day. Posted by Picasa


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