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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Lace Leaf Revealed

Here you have it, in all its Lotus Pinkness. I present to you my brand spankin' new Lace Leaf Pullover. And none too soon. When I left to go to my weekly Saturday knit-and-coffee-along, my car was covered in snow. Since this might be the warmest sweater I have ever worn, it definitely needs to be saved for super cold January days.

This sweater was the quickest knit ever, and a lot of fun. I loved, loved, loved the little leafy lace pattern. And I loved using my size 13s (I doubled Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted). I struggled a bit with the grafting. I bound off the top section like the pattern said, and the resulting grafting looked awful. I ripped that out and did the kitchener thing with live stitches on both the bottom and the top section. It still doesn't look super, but I'm hoping it will block out.

The thing I'm really kicking myself about: After all that effort of grafting it, ripping it out, undoing the bind off and grafting again, it's about an inch or two shorter than I'd like (my bellybutton got chilly today). Some people would have had the sense to try it on and think about length once they started the initial grafting. Some people also might have measured the sweater then measured themselves to figure out how it would fit. Not this person. This person looks at the picture in the book, reads that it is shown in the smallest size, then happily casts on for the smallest size not realizing that the model must be smaller than the knitter's 5'9" self.

Oh well. The rest of it fits. It looks cute enough. And I am far, far too lazy to even attempt to rip out that grafting one more time and try again. Plus, that would make it the more-than-a-week sweater instead of less-than-a-week.
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