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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's ANTM time

So don't go expecting some long post from me. I'll be spending my evening checking out the ANTM web site then actually viewing the long-awaited start of cycle 6.

In case there are any snobs left out there who haven't jumped on the reality show bandwagon, now is the time to do it. Yes, AI is the ratings juggernaut, eating up the precious collective viewing time with its bad fashion, bad vocals and bad boy Simon. If you think you can't commit to both of these all-American shows, well you need to get to your Best Buy stat and order yourself up Tivo.

BTW, I'm going into ANTM tonight rooting for Mollie Sue. One of my coworkers likes Kari and Sara (and I say to the latter, do all ANTM Sara's have to have massive lips?). Another coworker is in the Jade camp. There's no telling who will be the catty girl we love to hate from the fairly boring pictures on the web site. Who'll be stealing granola bars this season? That, kittens, is something only time will tell.

And, knitters, just so you know, I only knit during the commercials when this show is on.


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