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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


1. The CK jacket I just bought on clearance at Dillards was only 50 percent off, even though it was on the 75 percent off rack. The Mister said that out of principle, I should have huffed off, muttering under my breath about how they should put it on the right rack.

2. "Love Monkey," or as I like to think of it "Ed II" is on permanent hiatus. The show had a quirky sort of charm and I loved the way Ed's sexy coworker dress. A few weeks ago, she had me on the hunt for a wraparound jersey dress.

3. I'm still not to the decrease rows on the Clap. Even after shamelessly knitting through an hour long meeting at work today.

4. The Milquetoast president on "24" still hasn't been sacked, blown to bits or publicly humiliated like he deserves.

5. And, going back to the Oscar nominations, neither "Pride and Prejudice," nor any other movie about women or with really meaty women roles got nominated for best picture. Again. Some day those that give out awards will come to realize that women's stories can be "universal" and "important," too.


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