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Saturday, February 18, 2006

If I had a million $

The newspaper was full of all sorts of breaking news this morning. But what's the one article the Mister read aloud to me as I frantically dropped stitches on my Clapotis?

This one, the one about what good (and selfish) things the good people of the Treasure Valley would do if they made like Brad Duke and won the obscenely large Powerball lottery prize (about $119 million AFTER taxes).

This, of course, led to a discussion about what we'd do with the loot. Here's our (always changing) list:

1. Add on a master suite to our house (a sunroom and lux bathroom). I don't feel like I need any more space in the room (except maybe in the closet), but, oh, a bathroom! What a dream!

2. Add on a library loft above our garage opening up into our living room, which would also get a higher ceiling.

3. Hire a landscaper to come and get rid of all the blankety blank grass and rose bushes and replace them with native vegetation and lots more lavendar bushes.

4. Finally put the slate floors in the kitchen and the bathroom.

5. Buy a sheep farm in Emmett.

That's about as far as we got. Note that we didn't, even for a second, consider moving (we would pay people to farm our sheep). Winning the lottery is no reason to get greedy and give up a perfectly good house in the best location of all of Boise.

(You may also note that not one of our top 5 includes any charitable work. Well, I never said we were perfect).


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