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Thursday, February 09, 2006


First, my oops: I dropped about three stitches on my second cable rib sock last night while watching Bones (which I only watch, of course, as a exercise in nostalgia for Angel and Buffy). I say about because I can clearly find two of the stitches making their way down the cuff, but the third seems to have completely vanished. My stitch count tells me three must have wriggled off the needle. But where is it? Do I need to call in a team of unusually attractive forensic anthropologists to ferret this mystery out?

Second oops (of which I bare no blame): A local news station recently aired a story about how the Idaho House voted yes on a proposal to ban gay marriage in the state constitution. The local newscaster announced this in a voice over as the station aired national stock footage of gay couples rejoicing because they were getting married. Are these gay couples celebrating because Idaho is moving to strengthen its ban on gay marriage? Very curious.


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