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Thursday, February 02, 2006

I finally, finally, finally made something for Valentines for AIDS, a silent auction at Flying M (my favorite Boise coffee house) wherein artists donate Valentines-themed pieces which are then part of a 10-day silent auction to raise money for a local program that helps local folks who have AIDS. It's always been one of my most favorite-ist things about Boise, even before I moved here. I love how so many people in the community -- both professional artists and people like me who just like to create stuff -- brainstorm and make something for a good cause. (To read more about it, check out The Idaho Statesman article).

My entry: "Chocolate Dipped Pop Top Mittens." I used a basic mitten pattern then winged a pop top by knitting a basic fingerless glove then picking up stitches just above the thumbhole, across the back. I cast on over the palm. Really, I had no idea what I was doing, but it seemed to work.

I also designed a very subtle heart using yos, which is the absolute first time I've tried to design an actual motif. I didn't want it to be too heart-y, in honor of Judi who is at war with all things heart-ish. I used leftover Lamb's Pride Worsted Yarn from my Lace Leaf Pullover and some mysterious brown stuff from the stash for the chocolate dipped part. If I'm not totally crushed by my employer tomorrow (major reorg employee chart announced), I'll post the actual pattern.


At 9:02 PM, Blogger jackie said...

hi emily, i saw on the knitting olympics roster tha tyou are planning to make a clapotis. i am making one as well, and since there are so many of us, i thought i would stat a KAL for it. if you have any interest, the site is here: hope to virtually knit wit you soon!


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