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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Spinning Right Round

The knitting continues (you didn't really think it would stop, did you?), but it's boring as hell so no pictures and no details but this: It's a tube top. Just knitting k2 p2 around and around and around. There's no anticipation of shaping (but there is of a fair isle section). No sleeves to contemplate. No buttonholes. It's great for relaxation or meeting friends in a coffee shop to talk about our respective encounters with poet Billy Collins. But it's not much good to write about. So I won't.

Instead, consider this lucky and enterprising woman who captivated the stars with her Diapees & Wipees idea.

Or perhaps you'd like to see what you'd look like if you, like Tim Allen will in movie theaters everywhere this month, turned into a dog.

Or maybe more to your liking is a moment to ponder why Japanese men are snapping girdles. Men. Girdles. I thought that was supposed to be one of the great things about being man. No girdles. No plastic surgery. Not anymore. Those silly men want to take on all the unpleasant trappings of womanhood (sorry to anyone I offended by disparaging the girdle).


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