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Friday, May 25, 2007

Another vacation post

See how often I can post when I'm not working?

Today is the last day I took off from work (I've still got the long weekend ahead) and I'm already feeling nostalgic for this trip. This morning, we got up early and rode our bikes into the Foothills here in Chico and now we're getting ready to leave for Sacramento, the penultimate stop in our little California/Nevada road trip.

Yesterday we hit three places of note: First, we lunched at Tacos Cortez, a super-cheap burrito joint D discovered 15 years ago when he lived here. The place has been a legend in our relationship. It's possible he told me about it at our very first meeting 13 years ago in DC. And now I have seen it with my own eyes.

Second, we hit a yarn store, Knit Wits in Paradise (in the mountains above Chico). I bought some lovely Cascade Magnum to make this. D helped me pick it out, then waited patiently while I pawed through the sale bin. What a sweetie!

Third, we walked around the Thursday Farmer's Market, buying locally grown cherries and almonds and buying a bottle of locally made olive oil. We'd have a hard time doing that in Boise!

Now, into the shower, one more trip to the Naked Lounge for the requisite double macchiatto, then in the car again, still knitting the socks I flubbed up a couple of days ago.


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