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Sunday, June 03, 2007

D Sock

D Sock
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I've been back a week from my little road trip, but didn't get around to downloading photos until this morning. Okay, make that photo. I'm still in the process of updating my Flickr page with vaco pics.

But, in order to reduce the suspence, here is the husband sock I blogged about on the road. This is the one that turned out the first time. The one that I had to rip and start over got finished about 30 miles outside of Boise, thankfully not making a liar out of me. I had promised D that he'd have his pair of socks before the trip was over. Of course, I thought I'd be started on this during the trip, too (using the sale cotton angora), but that didn't happen until last night.

Also, work continues on the Argosy.

In none knitting content, I had more fun with vending machines yesterday than I have since I was in Japan. First, we got $1 fresh made mochaccinos out of the new machine at the Boise Public Library (and I got the May Vogue for 50 cents in the book store there). Then, we booked it to Albertsons on our bikes and rented "The Queen" via vending machine for $1. I love it!

(And I'll let you know what I think of "The Queen" later....).


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