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Monday, June 19, 2006

Best Deal Ever

This is my best Bath and Body Works deal ever. If there's anything I get more excited about than knitting, it's a good deal. And, boy, did I get one today. Let me explain:

I had an errand to run at the mall (really; there's a branch library there), so I thought I'd combine vehicle trips and take back this Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion I'd gotten as a "spend $10, get a free Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion" deal. I did not care for the scent. Neither did my husband. It needed to leave the house.

So me and the lotion went into B&BW, planning to exchange said lotion for either a Fig and Brown Sugar (which I like) or a Sweat Pea (which my sister likes). They had neither flavor (yes, I do mean "flavor") in the body creme, so I asked the manager lady if I could exchange it for something else. Well, it turns out I could exchange it for anything else worth $10.50.

For those of you who don't hit the mall or have been living in a closet, June is the big B&BW sale month. With $10.50 in credit, I hit the jackpot. I exchanged my "hold my nose" lotion for a Lavender Mimosa Aromatherapy (one of my favorites) and a Rosemary Peppermint Foot Creme (another fave).

But wait, I still have .50 leftover. And a coupon in my purse for a free Mentha lip gloss with any purchase. So I snagged a 75 percent off Pear Blossom bubble bath (we're big into those at our house) for $2.37. With my credit, I was out-of-pocket $1.87.

Yes, that means I got $45 worth of fabulous, delightful B&BW product for $1.87. That's like 94 percent off or something.

I hereby declare June B&BW month!

(Too bad blogs don't do smellovision).
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