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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


"Look at me!" says my beautiful niece Olivia. "I'm wearing a shirt my auntie knit for me." (And a sweet little peasant skirt this aunt found at Target).

What goes together better than peas and carrots?

Why, organic cotton and Knitty, of course. In the past few weeks, I whipped up Katja from my Pakucho stash and I've got about six inches of Jamesey on the needles in it (only mine is called "Jaynesy" because it's for me and it's using two colors; more on that later).

There's soemthing about summer and cotton, too. In addition to Jamesey/Jaynesy, I've got a burp cloth on the needles out of Peaches and Cream (for a different baby in the family). I couldn't resist after reading Brynne's obsession with them. I think I've discovered my own.

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