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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

And so it begins: My chronicling of my own personal fashion. At the end of this project, maybe I'll have some conclusions. Maybe I'll decide I'm an overpriveleged American with too many clothes. Or maybe I'll just decide to go shopping.

Here's the details on this outfit (as near as I can recall). Jacket: GAP on clearance fore $13 last fall (it's a Spring 05 product). Shirt: GAP on clearance last fall for $2.50. Necklace: Gift from Susanna (my jewelry supplier). Earring: Christmas gift from the hubby from several years ago. Not pictured: The pants: Imagine green Target khakis hitting just below the knee with darker green embroidery on the side. These were a gift from my mom, and I think they were on sale for about $12.
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