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Monday, August 14, 2006


There's a balance to my life that I just can't seem to shake. When I try to be frugal and thrifty in one area, the spending/consuming demon comes out in another. For example, awhile ago, I vowed to quit added yarn pellmell to the stash. Instead of yarn, I bought clothes (that were on sale, of course). Then I decided, enough clothes! So I bought enough lotion and bath products to clean and lubricate a small nation. When lavender-scented bags started spilling out from my storage closet, I put a halt on that, too. Now I've turned to eat extreme amounts of cereal and taking really long really hot (second) showers. I just can't be all good. A little bad always manages to squeeze out.

I wouldn't say that I'm Wicked (random allusion to "Wicked" by Gregory Maguire which I just finished reading). I'm just not all good.

What's this photo got to do with all of that, you ask? This is an example of the mostly-good coming out. In a fit of stash-busting frugality, I cast on for Jamesey/Jaynesey (since I'll be wearing it) a fur piece back and look at what's become of those humble cast on stitches! It's going to be a really, really close finish (and a really, really long and narrow sweater on me), but the journey has been so worth it so far.

And tomorrow? Any goodness tomorrow? Well, it's the day I finally fulfill my end of the bargain for joining the Fair Along (that I've hardly blogged about at all). At one point, I'd plan to enter this sweater. At another, Lucky. Since neither is finished, it will probably be the ClapotisPosted by Picasa


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