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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Knitting On

First, what I've been working on. Yes, that's another dishcloth you see. I never thought myself a warshcloth kind of gal, but there's something soothing about this eensy project, and something gratifying in being done in under a day. Plus, warshcloths go so well with all the lotion and soap I have stashed away in my gift box. This bricked beauty is going to a friend I'm meeting this morning who just finished her thesis (hooray for Amy!).

The cabled footie, from One Skein, is intended for someone else. But that's a secret.

Now that you've seen what I've been knitting, I have to tell you about what I want to knit. This last week, the fall knitting bug finally bit hard enough for me to pull out my posties and my "To Knit" notebook and get to work dreaming. Oh, my. I've got a list of scarves a mile long, plus sweaters, plus those beautiful sock patterns sent to me by my secret pal with the equally beautiful yarn (really, secret pal, I'll get to those socks soon!).

I've got projects in the new Knits (and this), Knitscene (like Verde, Matador and Links), One Skein, Alterknits and Handknit Holidays (triangle scarf and those cozy socks). And I saw a picture at a blog (I think it might be my pal's) that I really, really want to knit and that, amazingly, I already have the yarn for.

I haven't posted much about knitting all summer, in part because my enthusiasm for the sport always wanes a bit as the thermometer reaches 100 (not to mention all that camping; you can't really haul the cashmere or fine wool/silk blends to the woods). But it's back, baby, and I feel a spate of productivity coming on.

But first, the second cabled footie, followed by more work on Jaynesey, and possibly, if I'm feeling really ambitious, a wrapping up of the intarsia tube top I started last spring.

Weeeeeee! It feels so good to have my full-blown knitting compulsion back!
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