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Sunday, October 15, 2006

What's that I see? Why it's the Knitter Next Door and her mister on vacation in Oregon. We spent a few nights in Manzanita on the coast (near this spot at Hug Point) and a few days shopping and sipping coffee in Portland. We heart Oregon! (And all it's many, many yarn stores). Posted by Picasa

There was much, much shopping on this vacation. I'm delving into the wallet for some moola to purchase socks. I've really got a fascination with foot coverings, whether hand knit or Portland-market bought. Posted by Picasa

Ooooh. Pretty! Posted by Picasa

This is a lot of what we did in Portland -- sipping deliciously strong coffee and a variety of spots. Here's the mister dipping into his latte at The Albina Press in the Mississippi area in Portland. Posted by Picasa

This is Portland, too (a pattern from Knits in reference to Portland, Maine). I worked on this in Portland, Oregon, and recently finished it. But it's going to take a lot colder than 50 degree weather to wear it. It's mohair (super warm) and pretty much a dress (super long). But I like it more than I thought I would. (You'd get a picture of me in it, except that it's Sunday morning and I haven't showered and I can't bear the thought of combing my hair just yet). Posted by Picasa