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Monday, November 28, 2005

It's a Perfect Day

I'm starting what is to be my second perfect day off of the holiday season. This picture is from the first of such days, which was two weeks ago. I was so busy trying to have the perfect day off, baking cookies, finishing up knitting projects, cleaning out the coat closet, that I sort of forgot to take the day off. I was so exhausted by the time I got to the "update blog" line on my to-do list that I skipped it. For two whole weeks.

I'm doing this differently today. My rule of only leaving the house to go to the craft store on my bike still stands. My goal to bake one batch of cookies still stands. My goal to work on the massive load of knitting I've got to finish up before Sunday and my holiday open house still stands. But today, I'm blogging ahead of time, when I'm still cheery and hopeful that I'll be able to get everything done on this perfect and come out of it refreshed, relaxed and ready to hit the ground running at work.

So here's to happy holidays -- and happy delusions!
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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Purl

Here I am as The Purl, the knitting hero fighting crime one stitch at a time. Before you wonder too hard about why I'm standing in my driveway wearing a swimming suit and tights, let me assure you: The picture was taken on Halloween. I'm just being fashionably late in posting it.

A few details about my costume: It's built around orange tights from Target that just happen to match some kneesocks I knit a couple of years ago. The slutty platform boots are from the closet; the knitting needles in my hair and in my hands are, of course, courtesy of my yarn room. I bought the mask and cape at The Treasure Garden (it's on Ustick in the shopping plaza that burned down, Boise folks)which is a super cool antique-y, second hand-y store with lots of cool hats and aprons (and capes!).

While my costume is pretty darn good, I lost the costume contest at work (don't worry; I wore a skirt over the swimming suit for most of the day) to my 44-year-old male coworker who wore red tights, teeny black shorts, a red, too-small turtleneck, his 4-year-olds Superman cape and the most incredibly funny Elvis hair/mask I've ever seen. I stand behind The Purl. But Super Elvis? He's unstoppable.
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Here I am flying. Or at least pretending to fly. My flying skills rank near those of the Greatest American Hero. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Better Intentions

I so intended to finally get a picture of my Halloween costume up, now that I've told everybody about it (not too mention that the trick-or-treat candy is getting stale). But my little brain can't figure out how to post. I knew once. Now that knowledge is gone. And I really, really want to get back to knitting this ribbon/eyelash yarn scarf for the holiday bazaar I'm having with my crafty friends (for Boise folks, the bazaar is Dec. 4, time and place details to come).

It's election night in the B-town. Mr. Knitter and I voted at pretty much the last minute. The bedraggled ladies at the voting booth sighed as they tried to understand our hard-to-pronounce last name before handing us our ballots and telling us that they'd had nearly double the voters that they usually do in city council-only elections. You go, Boise Bench electorate!

Another true, but disturbing election conversation:

Me (calling the Mister from the office after having worked too many hours): "Have you knitted yet?'

Mr. Knitter: "Why, no, I have not."

Me: "I mean voted. You know I mean voted."

Or did I?

Signing off for tonight, the second night in a row I've been disappointed by my mailman's failing to bring the two knitting books I ordered. Ah, well. Good night. Good luck. And get knitting.