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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

In a Fit!

Fitted Knits Shrug 2
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So here it is: My first project from Fitted Knits (that I didn't have to rip, that is) for the Fitted Knits-along. The details: Two balls in yellow Karabella Aurora 8; two balls of the multi orangish/reddish color in Karabella Melange. Pure yum! I loved knitting with this yarn. I wanted to marry it. When I got to the part where I bound off, I felt sort of sad and wished that I were making a full blown sweater.

But then I tried it on and all that nonsense was forgotten. This is a GREAT pattern. Fun to knit. Clever construction. Nice fit. Everything I could ask for.

Now if only I could say the same about the second Fitted Knits pattern I'm working on. Or should I say almost finished but might never finished? I'm making the Bulky Mini Cardi, and when I bound off this morning, found myself with about five inches of live stitches left and not a scrap of yarn to finish them with. Argh. Argh!!!!

Must. Breathe.

And go put on my cute shrug.

P.S. I just signed up for Sockapalooza 4, because I need to get my sock knitting on.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ballet T

Ballet T
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I like to call this little number a one flight wonder. I began it as I left Boise for Baltimore on March 7. I finished it with enough time before we landed to get through an issue of Marie Claire.

It's part of my year of sweaters plan. I've also finished the Big Sack Sweater from SnB and Rusted Root (which, if I can get the old camera out again, I'll be picturing shortly).

I'm also all about the Fitted Knits, so you'll be seeing a shrug and cardigan like this (but probably not as fab) from that book, too.

And I just found my eye drawn toward the slouchy cardigan like this from Knit Cafe. Must. Knit. Sweaters!

(I love how I can go and find inspirational pictures of sweaters I want to knit all over the Internet. What an awesome community of knitters we've got going here in Cyberspace!).