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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Here's my third meathead. Yes, I'm knitting other stuff, but none so cute and blogworthy. This is knit in Lamb's Pride bulky Kiwi doubled. The flower uses the very last of some Manos I made a hat and glove set out of and a bead obtained from my favorite thrift store. All my meatheads have to have some sort of thrifty/recycled component... Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 27, 2006

My friend Susanna and I had a little photo shoot with my latest Meathead. This one is done with Steadfast worsted weight yarn (Lamb's Pride bleached and dyed by an Idaho-based company). I tweaked the pattern for worsted weight yarn and chose a color that suited one of my favorite thrift store pins. (Really, for me, the Meathead is all about showcasing my favorite pins). Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Meathead complete!

This just may be the quickest Knitalong ever.

I cast on for this Meathead hat (as part of Stitchmarker's test knitalong for her book) about halfway through Standoff on Tuesday (the Mister likes the dude from "Office Space;" I like the chick from "Angel" and "Firefly").

I cast-off the last three stitches just before Hugh Laurie said his final lines in "House."

Now that's my kind of pattern.

The details: I used Lamb's Pride Bulky Bronze Patina (because it has just a hint of metally shine in it and I thought it would go good with a gold-ish pin). I made the small size and have enough yarn leftover for my cat to play with.

I knit it in the round (because I HATE SEAMING).

There was no question my embellishment (which is called for in the pattern) would be a pin, because I embellish all aspects of clothing with pins daily.

But which pin?

I found this sparkly gold leaf at one of the local thrift stores and couldn't help notice the similarity between it's pointy little head and the pointy top of my meathead.

Overall, a pleasure to knit!

And it's been so fun to see everyone's finished meatheads. To see them for yourself, visit the Flickr site here.
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